Consulting Services

Redefine Consulting Ltd. are recognised as being one of Ireland’s most strategic and result-driven business consulting providers. We focus on several key areas within your business to ensure maximum output at all times.

Whether you require new business strategies, Lean Six Sigma training or Kaizen event organisation, the Redefine team are delighted to share their expertise.

We aim to be the favoured Consultancy in Ireland for S.M.E.s and Scaling companies because we combine our unique experience in Business Growth and expertise in Lean Strategies to help your company be its best version.

Business Strategy Planning Ireland

Let’s take a look at just some of the many ways we can make your business a success:

  • Competitive Benchmarking
    During this process, we take the time to get to know your company in depth and compare specific performance metrics with other businesses in the sector who may be over-performing in comparison. We will explore the different levels at which your company is performing and seek to define best practices across all parts of the organisation. The goal of competitive benchmarking is to give you a comprehensive insight into the Performance of your business and to identify ways in which improvements can be made. This practice will also give you an overview of your competitors’ Performance and will give you an advantage when planning future business strategies.
  • New Product or Service Planning
    This vitally important service is here to assist you with the processes involved in new product or service planning. With over 25 years’ experience in the business consulting sector we are best placed to understand your customers’ needs and explore new product or service opportunities within the market. The benefits to this consulting service are reduced costs and increased revenues as well as giving your organisation credibility in the new product development world. Our streamlined process will examine product development, testing, formatting and pricing, as well as advice on alternative revenue streams, distribution channels and new product opportunities.
  • Business Strategy
    Whether you are a sole trader or an S.M.E., the team here at Redefine would love to get to know you and your business. In fact, we want to become an integral part of your successful business and a trusted member of your team. Perhaps you are looking for idea generation, sales strategies or in-depth plans for future growth? Let us take the time to understand what is best about your company and the opportunities for growth. We provide you with the skills needed to develop, implement and follow through on business strategies that will have a long-term positive impact on your business.
  • Digital Innovation
    Whether driven by your customers, Covid-19 impacts or other external factors, all businesses can benefit from Digital Innovation. Digitalisation Projects can fall under Lean Start, Plus or Transform guided by the principles of Customer value stream analysis, value creation and removal of waste, Focus on measurement and data-driven insights and decision making, Creating an innovation culture engaging all staff in continuous improvement, Openness to working with tools and technologies that improve ways of working.
    Projects can include adding e-commerce capability, automating repetitive tasks, improving customer experience or service, using productivity tools and adapting processes supported by an enterprise or cloud-based financial packages, CRM or ERP tools.
    As with all Change Projects, we will work with you on Technology needs gathering and selection, redefining your Workflows, changing Behaviours and measuring Performance.
  • Business Performance Management
    Improve the productivity and Performance of your team to ensure maximum output and superior customer satisfaction with our Business Performance Management Consulting service. Managing your team of experts by recognising what each individual brings to the company is the very first step in getting the most from your employees. We will put in place a system that focuses on planning your performance strategy, monitoring Performance, development, review, reward and motivational factors that can make a real difference to your business.
  • Lean Six Sigma & Kaizen
    Kaizen, meaning change for the better, is a process of continuous improvement that encourages individuals to work together towards common goals. The team here at Redefine have the knowledge, experience and expertise to host a Kaizen event for your organisation, yielding superior results and covering all aspects of the five principles associated with Kaizen.
    We also provide Lean Six Sigma Training across all levels for both individuals and groups. Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt training is available 100% online and we are happy to provide discounts for bookings of 3 or more.
  • E.I., I.D.A. & L.E.O. Grant Applications for Innovation and Lean Business
    For those who are interested in any of our Lean Six Sigma training courses or consultancy services, you may qualify for a grant provided by Enterprise Ireland. We are well versed in the intricacies of the application process and will be happy to assist with the form filling and submission on your behalf. Redefine Consulting has been providing its expertise to clients of Enterprise Ireland, the I.D.A. and Local Enterprise Offices right across Ireland for nine years.