Funding & Grant Applications

Grant Applications for Innovation and Lean Business

Access government supports to help you move forward on your improvement journey. Redefine Consulting has vast experience in supporting companies on their Lean journey. Examine some of our case studies to review our clients’ results following grant-funded projects.

Please refer to your relevant development agency to find details of specific supports potentially available to you to support you on your development journey.

Supports are available from:

Enterprise Ireland Grant Aid

Grants are available through Enterprise Ireland for qualifying companies who wish to avail Lean Sigma Six training and Lean consultancy services provided by Redefine.We have extensive experience in helping companies apply for such funding, so we can advise on optimising your application to maximise its potential for success.

  • Lean Start
  • Lean Plus
  • Lean Transform
  • Digital Innovation

Lean StartThe Lean Start programme focuses on improving efficiencies in all areas with the ultimate aim of improving your bottom line. A Lean Start project generally takes up to three months to complete, and upon implementation of our recommendations, the cost savings should become apparent.A Redefine consultant may be contracted to work seven days on-site with your team to evaluate all relevant information thoroughly. We will introduce you to Lean principles, train you to use Lean tools and agile processes.Redefine are featured in the Enterprise Ireland directory of Lean Suppliers and are therefore familiar with the procedures involved in securing grant assistance for qualifying companies and will be in a position to assist you with the processes involved.

Lean PlusThe Lean Plus programme focuses on improvement. We work with you on identifying areas for improvement and implementation of the processes that facilitate the necessary steps for the long term benefit of the organisation.On average, we would anticipate that such a programme runs for a minimum of six months. Your employees will be trained on implementing and delivering processes that improve productivity and Performance, with the end goal being increasing your company’s competitiveness.Enterprise Ireland’s directory of suppliers includes Redefine, and where funding for this programme is available, we will work with you to apply for this. Enterprise Ireland Lean Plus programmes have benefited many export-led companies. For more information, please contact us at

Lean Transform‘LeanTransform is a large scale, extensive and holistic training programme that focuses on developing employees’ capability and capacity.The objective is to support an Organisational Innovation programme focussed on:

  • Improving the ongoing flow of value to customers
  • Implementation of team-based problem solving and continuous improvement & innovation activities
  • The identification and removal of wasteful activities in the business and supply chain
  • Leadership and management development to enable the alignment of operations to company strategy

The result should be a company-wide transformation in culture and productivity performance, including digitalisation. Building a sustainable business that can grow into the future, a LeanTransform project is about investing in people and should lead to higher-quality jobs and productivity improvements.Projects may vary in size and scope but will typically be 12-24 months in duration.

IDA Ireland

LeanStart Focus on value A short in-company assignment of up to seven days with a Redefine consultant to introduce Lean principles, environmental best practices, and agile processes, including completing a specific cost reduction project. Assignments typically extend over eight weeks.

LeanPlus Performance Improvement A medium-scale business process improvement project with a Redefine business development consultant will result in sustained use by the company of Lean techniques and related methodologies. It will achieve significant measurable gains in company capabilities and competitiveness. Assignments will generally take up to six months to complete.

LeanTransform Business Transformation An extensive, holistic company transformation programme with the Redefine team. It will embed the culture and competencies necessary for ongoing competitiveness gains, continuous sustainable improvement and business transformation across the business and its supply chain. Assignments will typically take at least eighteen months to complete. A Competitiveness Benchmark exercise precedes the assignment.Implementation The Lean/Green Business Offer will commence with a diagnostic audit of current practice and performance including the first steps to green competitiveness. Key performance indicators will be established to achieve targeted business improvement measures based on a set of Lean tools and methodologies tailored to suit each client’s situation.Benefits The Lean/Green Business Offer will help to:

  • Achieve savings and improvements in capability and capacity to increase company competitiveness
  • Secure support from IDA to further develop international standards and world-class operations in Ireland
  • Identify Green issues and potential improvement areas

Cost/Funding The Lean/Green Business Offer will be available to all IDA Ireland clients subject to eligibility as determined by IDA Ireland. Funding from IDA to the company will depend on several factors, such as its size and stage of development and the existing capability in Lean/Green practice.

Local Enterprise Office

The LEO Lean for Microbusiness programme helps to:

  • Identify issues and potential improvement areas
  • Provide support to implement
  • Achieve savings and improvements in capability and capacity to deliver

ImplementationThe programme involves a short in-company assignment by a Redefine ‘Lean’ consultant who will introduce Lean principles and complete a specific cost reduction project. The programme will commence with a diagnosis of current practice and performance. Key performance indicators will be established to achieve targeted business improvement measures based on a set of Lean tools and methodologies tailored to suit each client’s situation.Participating clients will be selected subject to eligibility as determined by LEOs and depending on their existing capability in using Lean business principles, the current size, and their business development needs.

Programme ContentThe Lean Business Programme will involve up to 5.5 full days that will introduce business owner/managers to Lean concepts and enable companies to undertake a Lean assignment in their business under the guidance and support of a qualified Lean mentor. The in-company assignment will be a cost reduction project and will typically be delivered over 8 to 12 weeks.Firstly we identify and select an in-company project. Redefine Consulting, and the client then diagnose current practices and establish key performance indicators to achieve targeted business improvement measures. We use Lean tools and methodologies tailored to suit each client’s situation. A Redefine Lean mentor will be available for up to 5.5 full days, with in-company visits to each business scheduled depending on each case.Redefine Consulting currently delivers Lean for Micro Programmes for the following LEOs

  • Wicklow
  • Monaghan
  • Cavan

We also facilitate Business Continuity Voucher workshops for Fingal and Wicklow LEO