Kaizen Project / Change Projects

Change is inevitable in every business organisation. How that change is managed can have a major impact on business operations and staff morale going forward.It is normal to encounter some resistance to change. Employees may be unhappy with the status quo, but may feel threatened by the changes planned. By utilising expert change management techniques, you greatly increase the likelihood of achieving change and enjoying the desired rights on time and on budget.

Redefine consultants are experts in change management. We will work closely and individually with you and your business to implement the appropriate change management techniques for your own particular circumstances.

The Redefine Change Management Process

Our change management process is tailored to each individual set of needs, but common steps include:

  • To assess the current state of the business/process
  • To help create a realistic vision of the desired future state
  • To support movement to a transition state of change
  • To highlight obstacles and resistances to achieving the desired state
  • To identify actions to overcome obstacles
  • To support attainment of the desired state of change

We know that change management entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation. Above all, it also includes consultation with, and involvement of, the people affected by the changes. If you force change on people, normally problems arise. Change must be realistic, achievable and measurable.

Change Management strategy

Change Management Strategy ImpactBefore starting organisational change, ask yourself:

  • What do we want to achieve with this change, why, and how will we know that the change has been achieved?
  • Who will be affected by this change, and how will they react to it?
  • What help do we need in attaining this change?

It is key to understand who is going to be impacted by the change you want to implement.

Successful Change:

  • Is attained in a timely manner
  • Achieves the expected objectives/goals/results (defining performance)
  • Is sustained over time

The key to aligning your organisation involves six aspects:Change Management Key Points

  1. Staffing
  2. Development
  3. Measures
  4. Rewards
  5. Communication
  6. Organisational design / job structure

Redefine will help your employees to understand the need for change and the pathway your company is going to adapt to achieve your goals. We communicate how performance will be tracked and how the desired behaviour will be rewarded.Redefine’s consultants will help to organise your organisation to support the change initiative and sustain momentum.For expert change management services and consultancy, contact us today.