Lean Six Sigma eLearning

Redefine Consulting is delighted to offer remote Lean training to individuals and S.M.E.s right across Ireland and the U.K.

Now more than ever, the opportunity to learn online is incredibly important to the development of careers and organisations globally.

This is why the team here at Redefine are leading the way with a full suite of Six Sigma remote learning programmes.

Lean Six Sigma eLearning Ireland

When you choose to learn remotely with Redefine, you can avail of the following benefits:

  • Full access to an online community of students who are studying lean methodologies.
  • Online Zoom or M.S. Teams coaching sessions.
  • Classroom delivery for L.E.O., I.D.A. and Enterprise Ireland client companies.
  • SigmaXL included with all Green and Black belt Six Sigma remote learning courses.

By introducing Lean Six Sigma remote learning to your business, you can change the focus of your organisation to one of continuous improvement and growth. At all Six Sigma Training levels, we help you to explore the culture of your business and teach you to use Six Sigma methodologies to improve processes and easily identify solutions that will enhance performance metrics.

Online Six Sigma Training Ireland

Benefits to Lean Six Sigma eLearning – as an individual, you can benefit significantly from remote Lean Six Sigma online training:

  • By showing you are committed to continuous improvement and ongoing training you make your CV stand out from the crowd.
  • A Lean Six Sigma certification can greatly improve your prospects for promotion and make you an invaluable member of any organisation. Develop the skills required for real career growth.
  • Lean Six Sigma training is not industry-specific, meaning the methodologies are transferable across all sectors.
  • Six Sigma Lean training is a much sought after qualification, particularly in the food manufacturing, life sciences and service sectors.
  • Enhance your skill-set and acquire the skills necessary to manage and drive a business to success effectively.
  • As a sought after skill set, your new qualifications will allow you to set a salary that is commensurate with your expertise.

L.S.S. specialists are currently in high demand across all sectors of industry in Ireland and the U.K. Once training has been completed, individuals find that they now can now use well-informed problem-solving techniques to define, measure, analyse, improve and control processes that lead to enhanced Performance across all aspects of the business. This experience is invaluable to employers and business owners.

Remote Six Sigma Course Ireland

With our remote learning option and practical and interactive programme, we believe that Redefine Consulting can bring something truly special to the future of your business. Our current eLearning options include:

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online Training

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online Training

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Training

Get in touch with a member of our Lean Business Management consultant team today to learn how remote learning and Six Sigma training can benefit your career prospects and boost your business performance.