Managing Kaizen Events

Kaizen Events are an extremely efficient way to quickly improve poor performing processes.

Are your customers complaining about your service delivery? Redefine Consulting can facilitate your organisations Kaizen event on-site or deliver in-house training to provide you with the tools to manage your own Kaizen event. On-site Kaizen events are focused on three-to-five day breakthrough workshops. Training is delivered over two days. Please contact us for further information.

The following show some examples of the problems that can be solved using Kaizen Events:

  • Improving service processes such as order processing, procurement, change processing and other paperwork/information processing activities
  • Decreasing changeover time on a piece of equipment or engineering process
  • Organising the workplace using 6S
  • Creating a one-piece-flow work cell
  • Developing a pull system
  • Improving equipment reliability through TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
  • Improving a product development process

Our Kaizen Roadmap

Our Kaizen Roadmap

Managing Kaizen Events (2 day Training Workshop)

This two-day workshop is designed to give participants significant insight into the principles, tools, and techniques that drive effective Kaizen Events.

Course Information & Learning Outcomes

On Completion of the programme each of the participants will be able to appreciate:

  • Where waste (non-value added activities) can be found in a business
  • How to apply prioritised continuous improvement (CI) activities
  • The Kaizen approach to incremental improvement
  • The soft managerial skills required by managers to both implement and sustain a continuous improvement culture
  • How to get difficult people on board with the programme
  • Improvement metrics


Continuous assessment during the course and one Kaizen event completed using newly learnt techniques.

Entry Requirements

Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualification and/or relevant life and work experience.

Who is this Course For?

It is ideally suited to lean managers, continuous improvement facilitators, company executives, Six Sigma Green/Black belts and change managers. This two day Kaizen training course focuses on generating continuous improvement activities and a management approach to ensure the formation of the right culture to bring about sustainable improvement.

Course Content

  • Introduction / Kaizen  Definition
  • Understanding the origins of Kaizen
  • 8 Wastes – the non-value added activities in our organisation
  • How to implement your Kaizen event

Examples of lean tools to be used for Kaizen events

kaizen training continuous improvement

  • 5S
  • KPI Analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Waterfall / Capacity Management
  • SOP (standard operating procedures)
  • Basic Problem Solving – Ishikawa and 5 Whys
  • How to implement Kaizen?
  • How to structure a Kaizen team?
  • The Management Approach
  • Company Structure
  • Leading change
  • Task Board
  • Daily meetings / briefs “dawn” and “dusk”
  • The Continuous Improvement (CI) Office
  • Project Awareness & Reporting
  • Summary & Review

In order to utilise Kaizen Events effectively, it is important to understand the types of problems for which Kaizen Events should and should not be used. With proper planning, Kaizen Events can bring innovative improvement to an organisation on its lean journey.To book your Managing Kaizen Events Training or if you require more information please call +353 (0)1 254 9389 or fill out the form on out contact page.