Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Lean is a method that improves process speed by detecting and eliminating waste. It’s about working smarter, not harder. Lean is about optimising the value-adding capability.

  1. Specify a value
  2. Identify the Value Stream
  3. The flow of a unit
  4. Pull
  5. Perfection

On completion of the two-day VSM programme, each of the participants will be able to:

  • Understand VSM terminology, language and its links with Lean Management
  • Assess where waste (non-value added activities) can be found in a business
  • Remove all of the waste that we identified
  • Initiate incremental improvement by reducing the opportunities for error and rework
  • Create a “Future State” value stream based on customer requirements and the “pull” concept of value
  • Implement quick wins
  • Develop plans to implement the future state and benefits
  • Identify continuous improvement projects


The delegate will have continuous assessment during the Value Stream Mapping course and then complete one Kaizen event using newly learnt techniques.

Who is this Course For?

Value Stream Mapping is a course that Redefine deliver on-site in your business. It is ideally suited to lean managers, project managers, continuous improvement facilitators, company executives, Six Sigma Green/Black belts and change managers. This two-day VSM training course focuses on generating continuous improvement activities and a management approach to ensure the formation of the right culture to bring about sustainable improvement.

VSM Course Content

  • Introduction / Kaizen Definition
  • Understanding the origins of Kaizen
  • 8 Wastes (7 + 1 that we add) – the ‘non-value-added’ activities in our organisation
  • Explain “Customer Value –Added”, Operational Value-Added” and “Non-Value Added”
  • Analyse the current state
  • Value Stream Mapping beginning at the delivery end and work upstream
  • Record Process and waiting time
  • Visualisation of the value stream flow
  • Identify the value stream for each product
  • Waste in Service Processes
  • How to make the Value Flow
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Leading change
  • Task Board
  • Daily meetings / briefs “dawn” and “dusk.”
  • The Continuous Improvement (CI) Office or Back Office
  • Project Identification & Reporting
  • Summary & Review

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